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Food Forest (Custom) Package 20-30 Plants

Food Forest (Custom) Package 20-30 Plants

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20 Plants- $275

25 Plants- $325

30 Plants -$375

Email us with a list of your top choices and we will put a customized food forest package together for you to review and purchase. Feel free to contact us with any questions on the right plant combinations., 250 777 2213 (Brian). 

Discover the ultimate solution for permaculture enthusiasts who want all the different plants with our Custom Food Forest Package. This unique offering allows you to handpick plants from a diverse array of categories, including nuts, berries, fruits, and ecosystem-support trees and bushes. Tailor a combination that perfectly aligns with the specific characteristics of your property and personal preferences.

We recommend selecting 2 to 3 plants from each category to ensure a balanced and productive food forest. To promote effective pollination and yield, each plant in your selection will be provided in multiples of 2 or 3. This thoughtful approach ensures that your custom food forest is not only diverse but also thriving and productive.

Your custom package can consist of 20-30 plants or more, depending on your needs and the scale of your project. This personalized approach allows you to create a food forest that is uniquely yours, catering to your specific goals and the ecological requirements of your landscape. 

Whether you aim to establish a self-sustaining ecosystem, enhance biodiversity, or simply enjoy the bounty of home-grown nuts, fruits, and berries, our Custom Food Forest Package is the perfect starting point.

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Gellatly Chestnut Cornelian Cherry Kobus Magnolia
6 Mile Chestnut Aronia Berry  Black Cherry Eastern Red Bud
English Walnut Sea Berry (Sea Buckthorn)  Choke Cherry Flowering Dogwood
Buartnut Black Currant Italian Alder
Black Walnut Red Currant Nanking Cherry Weeping Willow Cuttings
Heartnut Haskap Mix Pack Black Cottonwood Cuttings
Butternut Elderberry Various Cultivars Red Osier Dogwood Cuttings
English Oak Saskatoon Yellow Willow Cuttings
Rock Oak/Chestnut Oak Yellow Autumn Olive Kousa Dogwood Pussy Willow Cuttings
Bur Oak Osage Orange
Red Oak Sugar Berry Tree Honey Locust
Korean Pine
Shagbark Hickory


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