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Korean Pine (Pinus koraiensis)

Korean Pine (Pinus koraiensis)

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2 Year Old Air Prune Bareroot Seedling 3"-6"

The Korean Pine (Pinus koraiensis) is a distinguished 5 needle pine  native to Eastern Asia, with notably large cones comparable in size to other pines. Harvesting is straightforward as the cones fall naturally when ripe, though extracting the kernels is labor-intensive, requiring patience and gloves due to stickiness.

Seedling are slow growing and cultivated naturally without chemical fertilizers. Initial growth is slow for the first five years, accelerating afterwards to potentially reach 30 metres in height at maturity.

This hardy tree is self-fertile, with cross-pollination proving beneficial. It thrives in well-drained, sandy, acidic, and even poor soil, showcasing versatility in urban and mountainous settings alike. 

Korean Pine nuts are known for their rich nutritious nuts. If I was doing an agroforestry project in the Yukon it’d be mostly korean pines and saskatoons baby! While it's a slow grower until around five years, it eventually flourishes in full sun when mature, though young seedlings require moderate shade. Nut production begins at around nine years, but can vary.

Transplanting for best results are achieved in well-drained, sandy, acidic soils or by adding natural pine soil to the planting hole. You can grow them in an outta the way patch in your garden for a few more years before putting them into the landscape. Give the korean pine a go for the long term plan. 


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The Tree

Height at maturity:30-50 feet

Hardiness Zone:

Zone 2, giv 'er bud

Water Requirements:

Average to low.

Years to bear:

approx 9 or more


Partial shade when young and full sun when mature


Self fertile, benefits from a friend close by for pollination. Plant with 25 feet of one another to ensure good pollination


Sandy acidic is best but anything well draining is required. Survives in mountain soil well.

The Benefits

-Nut high in fats and protein
-If you pick the right site a stand/grove of mature pine nuts can be one of the most productive sites per square foot of production space
Incredibly cold hardy

Additional info

Produces the largest pine nut of any pine species