Affordable Bare Root Edible Trees, Bushes, and other Useful Plants

Cold Hardy Plants for Canada

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Who Benefits from Our Plants?"


Our plants serve the homesteader's dream. They offer sustainable, low-maintenance high yielding food sources, enhancing self-sufficiency on the homestead. Fuel, fiber and shelter can all come from the forest.

Gardeners and Farmers

These plants are a gardener's and farmer's delight, fostering biodiversity and optimizing space. With climate-resilient varieties, they ensure sustainable, abundant yields while promoting ecosystem health.


For foodies, our plants offer a culinary adventure. Grow exotic, hard-to-find ingredients with ease. Nutrient-rich perennial crops bring gourmet flavors to your dishes. Explore the novel and savor abundance in everyday staples like chestnut flour, apple butter, and berry syrups. 

Why Aren’t More People Growing Tree Crops in Canada?

Lack of Cold Tolerant Genetics

High Cost of Nursery Plants

Limited Diversity & Local Nurseries

How it Works

Look through our catalog and choose the right combination of trees for your property. Not sure what to plant? We are happy to reccomend plants for you. Make sure you have multiple pollinators and different layers of the food forest to combine together to make a thriving ecosystem. 

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Sowing Seeds of Satisfaction: Customer Feedback About our Trees

Best quality bare root trees I have ever received from anywhere!! Thank you. Highly recommend. Will order again.

Chris S.

You absolutely cannot beat their customer service.Yes, their product meets a 5-star standard too.

Sabine S. 

My nuts trees and berries did well last year. Excited to put in this years order soon.

Teresa P. 

Very excited to get planting my bare-root plants here in Ontario. Knowing how hard it is to grow some of these from seed, being able to get these plants to grow at all is impressive!

Jenifer O.

I got some very nice, very tough plants delivered last year.... recommend! Good communication, quick and tidy shipping.


We bought from you and my husband looked at the small pile of sticks and thought, "oh boy, we've been had!", but they all grew into trees!!!

Sarah D.

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