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Food Forest (Cold Hardy) Package 25 Plants

Food Forest (Cold Hardy) Package 25 Plants

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Cold climates grow perennials well! Sometimes its not all about the sexy plants we've we yearn for that fall just outside the zone we live in but rather the dependable food producing workhorse plants that are often hard to kill, withstand difficult environments, and seasonal variations. Everything in this package can survive in a zone 3. Though if you want to improve your plant's output and ability to survive creating microclimates around your plants is key. New evidence is showing that plants can live and produce outside of the their typical cold hardiness restrictions if soil is wet, or if they're sheltered from desiccating winds or there are heat islands located nearby and on and on. The possibility for experimentation is endless so give these plants a go in your cold hardened homestead and find the next great cold hardy varieties that work for you. 

 Plant Quantity
Black Currant 3
Hazelnut 4
Haskap Bundle of 6 (3 Varieties/2 each)
Bur Oak 3


Nanking Cherry


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