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Chicken Friendly Food Forest Package 30 Plants

Chicken Friendly Food Forest Package 30 Plants

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Chickens are jungle birds and are at their best under an edible canopy. This collection is specially curated to create a dynamic ecosystem where chickens thrive alongside a variety of tree crops, each contributing to a holistic, productive environment. All of these plants are cold hardy and can work in a zone 3 climate with proper siting and management. 

     Plant Quantity
    Hazelnut 5
    Haskap 3 Varieties x 2 plants each
    Cornelian Cherry
    Bur Oak 5
    • Hazelnut: A delightful source of nutrition, hazelnuts offer protein-rich nuts that are a favorite among chickens. Their dense foliage provides excellent shelter, creating a safe haven for your feathered friends.

    • Cornelian Cherry: These resilient trees produce nutrient-packed berries, high in vitamins and antioxidants, making them a healthy snack for both humans and chickens. Their early bloom attracts beneficial pollinators to your food forest.

    • Chokecherry: An excellent forage plant, chokecherry trees bear fruits that are loved by chickens. Their dense branching pattern provides shelter and their blossoms are important for pollinators.

    • Bur Oak: Majestic in stature, the bur oak produces acorns, a natural and nutritious food source for chickens. Its robust canopy offers shade, creating a cool retreat during warmer days.

    • Haskaps: Known for their hardiness, haskaps yield tangy, nutrient-rich berries early in the season. They are perfect for free-range chickens to forage, enriching their diet.

    • Trazel: A tree form hazel for layering your chicken run with a taller canopy plant that can still rain down nuts and help pollinate the other hazelnuts found lower in the canopy. 

    Benefits of Tree Crops with Livestock

    • Enhanced Soil Fertility: Chickens naturally fertilize the soil, providing essential nutrients for tree crops.
    • Pest Control: Chickens help control pests by foraging for insects, reducing the need for chemical interventions.
    • Increased Biodiversity: Integrating livestock with tree crops promotes a diverse ecosystem, beneficial for both plant health and animal welfare.
    • Sustainable Food Source: Trees provide a perennial food source for chickens, reducing feed costs and increasing self-sufficiency.
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