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Nut Tree Package (Premium) 30 Plants

Nut Tree Package (Premium) 30 Plants

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Introducing our premium selection of nut trees, carefully chosen to provide staple crops for temperate cold climates. Nut trees stand as a testament to resilience and sustainability. While annual gardens require constant attention and care, these nut trees flourish quietly in the background, requiring minimal intervention. Their true magic is revealed in their capacity to outshine their annual counterparts by producing a bountiful harvest rich in proteins, fats, and oils.

Our collection includes a diverse array of species such as chestnuts, Bur Oak, Rock Oak, English Oak, English Walnut, Buartnut, Butternut, Heartnut, Shagbark Hickory, and Hazelnut. Each of these species has been selected for their ability to thrive in temperate climates and their generous yield.

Patience is key with nut trees. They are a long-term investment that pays dividends in the form of nutritious crops. We encourage you to embrace the diverse range of activities these trees offer, from boiling acorn tannins to pressing hazelnut oil, roasting chestnuts, and cracking walnuts. These tasks will not only enrich your immediate future but will be cherished practices for generations to come.

Our package provides you with everything you need to start. All can thrive with consideration on optimal site selection, protection strategies, mulching techniques, and tips for nurturing these trees. Begin your food forest journey with these exceptional nut trees and watch as they transform your landscape and yield nutritious rewards year after year.

 Plant Quantity
Hazelnut 5
Gellatly Chestnut 3
6 Mile Chestnut 3
Buartnut 3
English Walnut
Shagbark Hickory 2
Rock Oak (aka Chestnut Oak) 2
Bur Oak 3
Heartnut 2
Butternut 2
English Oak 2
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