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Butternut (Juglans cinerea)

Butternut (Juglans cinerea)

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1 Year Old Air Prune Bareroot Seedling 18"-24"+ 

The Butternut is a beautiful canopy tree and the hardiest member of the walnut family in colder climates. This tree produces drooping clusters of sweet nuts which are used in baking and loved by wildlife and humans alike. Easier to grow than Black Walnut in northern areas. It's a good idea to plant more than one tree for proper pollination. Butternuts have become endangered due to a fungus wiping out the majority of native populations. Our seedstock comes from trees planted in British Columbia over 40 years ago. It is important to maintain and increase the diversity of Butternut seedlings to find individuals resistant to the canker fungus.

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The Tree

Height at maturity:30 meters

Hardiness Zone:

Zone 2 for timber Zone 3 for nuts

Water Requirements:

Prefers moist but well drained.

Years to bear:



Full sun


Self Pollinating but plant a friend nearby for better nut set


Prefers rich loamy well drained soil.

The Benefits

-Hardiest member of the walnut family
-Giant consistent masting years with few off years in between
-Valuable timber tree

Additional info

-A fungus has been wiping about populations for the last 2 decades and it is important to foster a diverse gene pool.
-Can be tapped for sap and syrup making
-Highly valuable timber
-Loves calcium rich soil