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Ironwood (Ostrya virginiana)

Ironwood (Ostrya virginiana)

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2 year old 12” seedling

Ironwood, or Ostrya virginiana, is a hardy and adaptable tree, ideal for diverse landscapes. It flourishes in well-drained soils and tolerates both full sun and partial shade, making it a versatile choice. Its ability to prosper in urban settings and resistance to common tree diseases enhance its suitability for both public and private spaces. Additionally, Ironwood is hardy in zones 3-9, handling a range of climatic conditions.

With its, twisted trunk and dense canopy, Ironwood provides significant shade and vibrant seasonal color, shifting from green to yellows and oranges in autumn. Its unique, flaky bark not only adds visual appeal but also supports local wildlife, offering habitat and nesting sites for birds and shelter for small mammals. In the fall, the tree produces abundant small seeds, housed in hop-like fruit clusters, that feed birds and mammals, contributing to local biodiversity.

Ironwood's durable wood has practical uses, including tool handles, combining ornamental and practical value. This tree is a steadfast choice for enhancing ecological balance and adding aesthetic charm to various landscapes.

Ostrya virginiana, is not only a visually appealing tree but also plays a significant role in supporting local wildlife. Its dense canopy and rugged bark provide essential habitat and nesting sites for various bird species, as well as shelter for small mammals. Additionally, the tree produces an abundance of small seeds in the fall, which are a valuable food source for birds and small mammals alike. These seeds, encased in distinctive hop-like fruit clusters, are eagerly sought after by wildlife, making Ironwood a vital component in maintaining the ecological balance of its native regions.

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The Tree

Height at maturity:20-30 feet

Hardiness Zone:

Zone 3

Water Requirements:


Years to bear:



Shade tolerant but can handle full sun


Self fertile, usually found growing with friends nearby and this probably ensures good seed set


Prefers well drained acidic soils

The Benefits

-Unique and beautiful
-Shade tolerant
-Wildlife tree

Additional info

-Great as an understory plant
-Lots of indigenous use history for making tools