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English Walnut Seed (Juglans regia)

English Walnut Seed (Juglans regia)

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20 seeds stratified in moist peat moss.

The english/carpathian/persian Walnut has so many names across so many cultures because this nut tree has been bred and selected upon for thousands of years. These are the walnuts you are used to seeing the grocery store. They produce a delicious, healthy nut in easy to shell walls that can sometimes be crushed by the palm of a strong hand (or a simple hand nutcracker).

Our seedstock was obtained from one of the only english walnut orchards in the western part of Canada. The parent trees came from Jack Gellatly’s breeding work in Kelowna and represent a multi generational effort to find the best producing trees in a temperate Canadian climate. We selected nuts from the most loaded trees that held the fullest nuts. Hopefully they can grow to be a food staple on your homestead or agroforestry planting. 

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Planting Directions

Planting Depth: Plant 1/2" to 1" deep. Mulch with a layer of sawdust.

Nursery Practice: Direct seed to permanent site (risky due to likelihood of critter theft) or the preferred method is planting in air prune bed. Space seed at least 4 inches apart. Do not move live plant until dormant.

Planting Out: Seedlings can be field planted directly or after the 1st year in the home nursery once dormant. Be careful not to break the taproot when digging from the nursery bed.

The Tree

Height at maturity:Up to 30 meters

Hardiness Zone:

5 (but we hope others in colder zones will try them and find the cold hardy specimens)

Water Requirements:

Average to moist well drained soil

Years to bear:



Prefers full sun


Self pollinating but will produce a better nut set with another friend nearby


Prefers calcium rich rich loam soil but can tolerate thin sandy mountain soils or heavier lowland soils.