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Ask Me Anything

Ask Me Anything

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40 minutes on a zoom call where you can ask me anything related to our tree crops. 

ZeroFox's main focus is to make edible perennials available to people at reasonable prices and help people succeed on their path towards resilient food production. We offer this service to aid people in walking that path. 

We love answering people's questions. We are always happy to respond to an email or answer a phone call to help answer customer questions, but sometimes our answers spark other ideas and lead to more questions. It's hard to dive deep as we'd like to on an email or quick phone call but with this service I hope to provide more freedom to brainstorm and discuss ideas in long form conversation without anyone being worried about how much time they are taking up.  

There has been enough requests for us to help with design and consultation and while we don't offer the ability to come out to your site in person this service aims to fill some of that request for design assistance. We can review design plans and comment on larger scale system implementation or get more specific and discuss individual plants or even propagation techniques if you're looking to learn more about starting your own genetics. 


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