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B Grade Chestnut Oak/Rock Oak (Quercus montana)

B Grade Chestnut Oak/Rock Oak (Quercus montana)

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1 year old air prune seedling 12”-24"

The chestnut oak, also known as Quercus montana is a versatile and robust member of the white oak group, also referred to as rock oak due to its ability to thrive in rocky soils or chestnut oak due its chesnut like bark. Typically growing to heights between 50-70 feet, though occasionally reaching up to 100 feet, it features a rounded crown and is well-adapted to a range of environments from Maine to Alabama, performing best in rich, well-drained soils. Cold hardy down to zone 3. Its modern latin name is a shout out to the ability for this oak to survive in mountain like environments with thin rocky soils and harsh weather conditions.

With its large, coarsely-toothed leaves, dark green on top and pubescent gray-green beneath, and its oval acorns, complete with warty cups extending halfway down, this oak is a sight to behold in any landscape. The acorns, reaching lengths of up to 1 1/4”, are not just visually appealing; they're a crucial food source for local wildlife.

Apart from its aesthetic and ecological contributions, the chestnut oak has practical uses as well; its dense wood has historically been utilized in construction, for items such as railroad ties, barn beams, and flooring. Easy to grow in a variety of soil conditions, from average to dry mediums, and exhibiting good drought tolerance, this tree is as resilient as it is productive, making it a favored choice for both wildlife and humans alike. The large acorns, in particular, are a hit—soak them to remove the bitter tannins, and they can be ground or roasted for an array of dishes, bridging the gap between the wild and the culinary.

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The Tree

Height at maturity:Typically 50-70 feet

Hardiness Zone:


Water Requirements:

Tolerates wet and dry environments. Prefers well drained somewhat moist soil.

Years to bear:

6 but can be highly variable among seedlings


Full sun


Self Pollinating, plant another nearby to ensure good nut set


Tolerates a range of soils from light sandy soil to heavy clay. Can also tolerate a range of ph whether alkaline or acidic.

The Benefits

-One of the most edible acorns
-Easy to grow, highly adaptable
-Survives in poor soil conditions

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