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American Plum (Prunus americana)

American Plum (Prunus americana)

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1 Year Old Bareroot Seedling 18"-24"+

American plum, also called wild plum in North America creates thickets and hedgerows of amazing smelling flowers and delicious fruit. This plum sends up suckers and will slowly spread from its original home unless managed. Fruit is small compared to other plums with tough skin, and very delicious flesh. The American  plum is disease resistant and can withstand browse pressure as it matures due to its spiky branches. Its a pollinator for other plums and a solid rootstock for other members of the prunus genus. Fruit can be preserved through vinegar, wine, jelly and fruit leather. Maybe some of its best use can for be for wildlife support as it is well liked by many bird species and provides great habitat for them as well. 


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The Tree

Height at maturity:3 Meters

Hardiness Zone:


Water Requirements:

Low to medium

Years to bear:



Full Sun


Need at least 2 for pollination


Prefers well drained soil but isn't too picky. Can tolerate many soil types sand/clay/loam

The Benefits

-Wildlife Support
-Resistant to black knot fungus and other disease affecting the Prunus genus
-Consistent producer even in poor pollination years

Additional info

-Understory layer
- Most of our stock is 2 years old and 2+ Feet tall