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Red Osier Dogwood Cuttings (Cornus sericea)

Red Osier Dogwood Cuttings (Cornus sericea)

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3 pack of 12” cuttings

The Red Osier Dogwood is beautiful and functional in the managed landscape as a key ecosystem plant that can flourish in overly wet areas but also survives in drier sites all the while creating biomass and wildlife habitat. The berries were reportedly eaten by indigenous people, though need to be cooked potentially and mixed with other more pallatable fruits. The stems are a beautiful red color owing to its name and is often the reason for planting this shrub as an ornamental. The astringent qualities of the bark make it a useful medicinal. With its wide ranging distribution across the continent and general hardiness there is likely a good use for this plant in your landscape.

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The Tree

Height at maturity:3 Meters

Hardiness Zone:


Water Requirements:

Water lover but can also handle a dry site. Our cuttings were taken in an area not overly wet to provide a range of adaptability.

Years to bear:


Partial shade to Full Sun



Tolerates a range of soil types from sand to clay prefering moist riverbanks, swamps and generally wet areas.

The Benefits

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