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American Persimmon (Diospyros virginiana)

American Persimmon (Diospyros virginiana)

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Local Pickup Available in Harrop, BC

1 Year Old Bareroot Seedling 

Large 6”-10" with a 10” intact taproot

  • Single- $25
  • 3 Pack- $60

Regular 3”-6” with an 8” intact taproot

  • Single- $15
  • 3 Pack- $40 

*Please Limit Persimmon Quantity to 3, thanks!*

American persimmon are the more flavorful smaller fruited cousin of the asian persimmon that we are used to seeing in the store. The flavor is rich and complex thus explaining its latin name translation to fruit of the gods. 

These trees are a testament to resilience, capable of adapting to a wide range of growing conditions and sites. They can withstand challenges such as animal browse, competition from weeds, and extreme weather conditions like flooding and drought. This adaptability makes them an excellent choice for diverse landscapes and challenging environments. While they are not cold hardy enough for all Canadian hardiness zones if you live near a zone 5 they are worth a shot. If you’re in zone 4 try planting it in a heavily protected area from desiccating winds but please know this is a risk and we cant refund dead plants from an experimental planting. 

Canadian Heritage Seedlings: Our seedlings offered are from parent trees located in Canada, hopefully transferring their adaptability to northern climates. Growing American Persimmon in Canada is an experimental venture, yet it's one that holds great promise, particularly for those interested in permaculture or food forest settings.

Impact in Food Forests: In a food forest, the American Persimmon can be a cornerstone species, providing not only delicious fruit but also contributing to the ecological diversity of the area. Their ability to attract wildlife and add aesthetic value, along with their bountiful harvest, makes them a valuable addition to any sustainable gardening project.




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The Tree

Height at maturity:30 Feet

Hardiness Zone:


Water Requirements:

Can withstand drought and flooding. Prefers moist soil.

Years to bear:

4-9 Years


Partial to Full Sun


Persimmons are normally dioecious; that is, trees produce either male or female flowers on separate trees.


Adaptable to many soil types from clay to sand. Prefers a moist well drained loam.

The Benefits

-Few pest and disease issues.
-Late ripening fruit
-Food for wildlife in late winter
-Good for fruit leather

Additional info

-Persimmon is in the ebony family and roots are black (not dead!). Slow to break dormancy, especially after transplanting.
-Not self fertile, plant a few to ensure you get a fruit producing individual.