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Honeyberry/Haskap (Lonicera cerulea)

Honeyberry/Haskap (Lonicera cerulea)

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Local Pickup Available in Harrop, BC

2 year old rooted cuttings 10”-20” tall multistemmed 

Haskaps require a different variety for pollination. We have 3 varieties that pair together wonderfully. Buying our bundles makes the most sense. 

Haskaps, aka honeyberry, are the new hot plant for cold climate berry production!  Haskasps are a dense compact shrub growing new basal sprouts every year with beautiful foliage, lovely blooms and producing delicious blue berries that taste like a cross between a blueberry and raspberry. Considered a superfood type berry with higher micronutrient contents than many of its berries contemporaries.

Our plants are grown from cuttings taken from a diverse planting with 3 varieties present to ensure good pollination. We got these cuttings from a friendly woman unsure of their origin but are likely a mix of Russian and Japanese genetics. This year we are offering pollinator packs of the distinct varieties as well as a mix pack blend of unlabeled rooted cuttings from different flowering timed bushes. 

Haskap Bundle of 6: 2 of each variety. 2x Haskap 1, 2x Haskap 2, 2x Haskap 3 for 6 plants in total. Plant in an alternating fashion to ensure good pollination. 

Haskap Bundle of 9: 3 of each variety. 3x Haskap 1, 3x Haskap 2, 3x Haskap 3 for 9 plants in total. Plant in an alternating fashion to ensure good pollination. 

Haskap 1: Short bush with large berries, reportedly the first flowering variety of the 3 distinct bush types. Pair with Haskap 2 and Haskap 3 for adequate pollination

Haskap 2: Medium bush, large extra sweet berries. Typically flowering the latest of the 3. Pair with Haskap 1 and Haskap 3 for adequate pollination. 

Haskap 3: Tall bush, small sweet berries. Longest flowering time and probably the best pollinator for the other two. Pair with Haskap 1 and Haskap 2 for adeqate pollination. 

Unlabeled Mix: A bed of cuttings we grew from a friends place who had a bunch of mixed varieties that she didn’t know the origin of but were all producing well. Best Value!

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The Tree

Height at maturity:up to 2 meters

Hardiness Zone:


Water Requirements:

Average to moderate

Years to bear:



Prefers full sun


Self sterile, needs a friend of a different variety nearby for pollination


Prefers a rich loam but can tolerate a sandy soil as well.

The Benefits

-Incredibly cold hardy
-Produces a consistent yearly crop
-Superfood with a higher antioxidant content than blueberries
-Grows great in edge habitat

Additional info

-Birds love honeyberries too. Netting works to keep them off during harvest season. Though we've heard reports that bushes planted near one another will only have the exterior berries picked leaving the hidden internal berries for you.
-Watch out your kids might eat them all before you can get to them
-Honeysuckle family