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Chinese Artichoke/Crosne (Stachys affinis)

Chinese Artichoke/Crosne (Stachys affinis)

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3-5 Tubers 

The Chinese Artichoke, or Crosne (Stachys affinis), is a distinctive and versatile addition to any edible garden. Originating from China, this perennial plant, known scientifically as Stachys affinis, is celebrated for its unique, edible tubers, which have garnered culinary acclaim globally.

Crosne flourishes in well-drained soils and exhibits a preference for sunny to partly shaded locations, demonstrating adaptability to various garden environments. Its growth yields spiraled, crunchy tubers that bear a resemblance to small, white artichokes. The tubers of Stachys affinis are prized for their sweet, nutty flavor and crisp texture, making them a delightful ingredient in salads, stir-fries, or as a gourmet garnish.

The lush, green foliage of Stachys affinis enhances garden aesthetics, while its late-summer white blossoms add a subtle charm. The Chinese Artichoke is an attractive option for gardeners looking to diversify their culinary gardens with unique, exotic vegetables.

In terms of care, Stachys affinis is a low-maintenance plant, resistant to most pests and diseases, and once established, requires minimal upkeep. The nutritious tubers, harvested in the fall, are rich in carbohydrates and fiber.

Ideal for companion planting, Crosne (Stachys affinis) contributes positively to soil health, echoing the food forest benefits of plants like the American Groundnut. It's a sound choice for those who want a low maitenance food crop. 

In summary, the Chinese Artichoke (Stachys affinis) presents a harmonious blend of ornamental appeal, culinary interest, and ease of maintenance, making it a superb addition to gardens aimed at combining aesthetic beauty with edible produce.


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The Tree

Height at maturity:only a foot or so but spreads rapidly

Hardiness Zone:

4 worth trying in a sheltered zone 3

Water Requirements:


Years to bear:



Shade-to full sun


not necessary for tuber production


-Prefers rich moist soil

The Benefits

-Edible Tuber
-Spreading ground Layer

Additional info

-Can be grown as a ground cover
-Cook them in stir frys or eat raw