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Black Currant (Ribes nigra)

Black Currant (Ribes nigra)

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1 Year Old Rooted Cutting 12"-24" 

Black Currant is a small to mid sized shrub producing delicious berries while being incredibly cold hardy and reliable. Currant are easy to grow shrubs that can thrive in the sun or shade with very little to no care. There are many ways to preserve currants and their health benefits are being increasingly recognized. Black Currants are especially valuable in the shade and can produce almost as well there compared to full sun. Once they are established it is easy to expand your black currants with their easily rooted hardwood cuttings. 

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The Tree

Height at maturity:5 feet

Hardiness Zone:


Water Requirements:

Prefers moist well drained soil

Years to bear:



Partial Shade to Full Sun


Self pollinating, can produce fruit on its own but will have better fruit set with a friend nearby


Prefers rich loamy soil

The Benefits

-Shade Tolerant
-Superfood high in antioxidants
-Intergrates well into a multi story food producing system

Additional info

-Very resistant to deer browse
-Heavy black currant smell from all parts of the plant
-Rebounds well from any kind of damage to the branches