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Kentucky Coffee Tree (Gymnocladus dioicus)

Kentucky Coffee Tree (Gymnocladus dioicus)

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2 year old bareroot seedling 7"-12" *limited amounts*

Kentucky coffee tree is an increasingly rare and hard to find tree with its native range extending north to the shores of lake Erie in Ontario. This tree is an evolutionary holdout and will be extinct before we know it due to things like a shifting climate and the lack of its common seed dispersal mechanism in the giant mega fauna of the Holocene (think wooly mammoths and the like). Great to plant for an integrated livestock fodder system, if you're raising elephants. Seriously though it is a beautiful tree that can reach enormous heights and large diameters. The seeds can be roasted to make a dark black coffee drink, but are otherwise poisonous. 

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The Tree

Height at maturity:Up to 30 meters

Hardiness Zone:


Water Requirements:

Average to moderate

Years to bear:



Prefers Full sun


Self fertile


Prefers a rich loam but can adapt to a range of soil conditions

The Benefits

-Feeds Wooly Mammoth
-Beautiful Overstory Tree

Additional info

-Nitrogen fixer? There is debate on whether this tree fixes nitrogen at all. It may fix nitrogen but no where near as much as some of its fabacea cousins
-One of the largest leaves of all native trees