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Ecosystem Support (Premium) Package 9 Plants & 20 Cuttings

Ecosystem Support (Premium) Package 9 Plants & 20 Cuttings

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Introducing our Ecosystem Support Package, crafted to harmonize your landscape with a selection of shrubs and trees that offer a multitude of ecological benefits. This collection is designed to enhance your environment by providing essential services such as forage, habitat creation, nitrogen fixation, biomass production, erosion control, and support for pollinators.

This versatile assortment of trees and bushes is the perfect complement to any edible plants in your landscape, serving as perennial planting companions. The species included have been chosen for their ability to contribute to structural diversity, a vital element for a healthy and functioning ecosystem.

Key features of this package include:

  • Autumn Olive, Black Cottonwood, Willow, and Dogwood: Ideal for creating living hedges, these species not only define spaces but also contribute to the ecological balance by providing shelter and food for various species.
  • Italian Alder: This is a perfect companion for slower-growing food trees. It offers dappled shade during the initial growth years and enriches the soil, fostering a nurturing environment for surrounding flora.
  • Flowering Dogwood: A stunning, shade-tolerant shrub that not only beautifies the landscape with its aesthetic appeal but also produces edible fruits that are a valuable food source for birds and wildlife.

The potential applications of these plants are diverse and immensely beneficial for homestead or farmstead designs. Whether you aim to create a self-sustaining ecosystem, enhance the biodiversity of your property, or simply add beauty and utility to your landscape, our Ecosystem Support Package is an ideal choice. Embrace this opportunity to transform your landscape into a thriving, ecologically balanced haven.

 Plant  Quantity
Flowering Dogwood
Yellow Autumn Olive 3
Italian Alder
Weeping Willow 5 Cuttings
Yellow Willow 5 Cuttings
Black Cottonwood
5 Cuttings
Red Osier Dogwood 5 Cuttings
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