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Food Forest (Premium) Package 30 Plants

Food Forest (Premium) Package 30 Plants

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This meticulously curated package presents a harmoniously balanced assembly of food forest plants, selected to create a food producing ecosystem. Our comprehensive collection encompasses a variety of layers essential for a diverse and productive long term food forest. The canopy layer features the majestic Sweet Chestnuts and Bur Oak. In the midstory, we have included two distinct varieties of walnuts (english and buartnut) as well as hazelnuts, ensuring a rich diversity of nuts. The understory is adorned with an array of species such as aronia berry, black currants, cornelian cherry, and sea berry, each contributing to the ecosystem's vitality by incorporating shade tolerance and nitrogen fixing capabilities. 

Understanding the importance of pollination, we provide multiple specimens of each species to ensure effective cross-pollination and optimal yield. This package represents an exceptional value, offering over 35% savings compared to the cost of purchasing these plants individually.

For detailed information on the optimal placement of each plant within your food forest ecosystem, we invite you to explore the individual links provided in the table below. This will guide you in creating a well-structured and flourishing food forest environment.

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