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B Grade Kousa Dogwood (Cornus kousa)

B Grade Kousa Dogwood (Cornus kousa)

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1 year old bare root seedling

‘Grade B’ plants are smaller seedlings that finished the season a bit undersized to be considered ready for field planting for many folks. They are healthy and alive, but a bit small (usually less than 8") and able to get lost in the weeds quickly. They can be field planted to their final homes if you are on top of  watering, mulching, and weeding. We recommend  planting them in a home nursery bed to grow for one full season, develop much larger root systems and be very ready for tougher conditions and less care next year. This is an affordable and sensible way to start small so you can go big with your plantings.

Add this oddity to your food forest for another fruiting bush. The Kousa Dogwood is a hardy, disease-resistant deciduous plant. In late spring, it captivates with star-shaped white blossoms, transitioning to a display of textured bark and vibrant red fruits come autumn. Ideal for both ornamentation and fruit production, the Kousa Dogwood grows up to 20 feet tall and 10 feet wide, preferring a sunny to semi-shady position.

Preferring a rich, well-drained loamy soil, this tree is can tolerate a range of soil types from acid to slightly alkaline pH levels and flourishing even in heavy clay soils. With a hardiness to about -30°C, it stands firm in zone 5 climates. The 3cm diameter fruits offer a custard-like texture with hints of banana flavor, best enjoyed by biting and spitting out the tough skin, then savoring the succulent flesh inside.

For garden placement, choose a sheltered spot mimicking its natural habitat on forest edges and river banks. Moisture-loving yet averse to waterlogged and calciferous soils. It’s a superb choice for those seeking a blend of ornamental charm and delectable late-summer fruits.


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The Tree

Height at maturity: 20+ feet

Hardiness Zone:

Zone 5

Water Requirements:


Years to bear:



Part shade to full sun


Needs a pollinator for adequate fruit set


Tolerates a range of soil types

The Benefits

-Bush form
-Heavy yields from low inputs
-Beautiful unique blooms

Additional info

-Fruit can be used to make wine or vinegar
-Our seed comes from local plants in the interior of BC
-Resistant to anthracnose