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B Grade Ginkgo (Ginkgo biloba)

B Grade Ginkgo (Ginkgo biloba)

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2 year old bareroot seedling 10"-18" tall

‘Grade B’ plants are smaller seedlings that finished the season a bit undersized to be considered ready for field planting for many folks. They are healthy and alive, but a bit small (usually less than 8") and able to get lost in the weeds quickly. They can be field planted to their final homes if you are on top of  watering, mulching, and weeding. We recommend  planting them in a home nursery bed to grow for one full season, develop much larger root systems and be very ready for tougher conditions and less care next year. This is an affordable and sensible way to start small so you can go big with your plantings.

The Ginkgo tree, a living fossil unchanged for 200 million years, is characterized by its graceful fan-shaped leaves, open pyramidal form, and stunning gold fall color. Thriving in urban, street side, and woodland settings, it is highly disease and pest resistant. Ginkgo is quite hardy with some reporting it suitable in zone 3 climates. The leaves are utilized in Traditional Chinese Medicine, and the nuts from female trees are edible.

The Ginkgo tree not only stands out for its remarkable urban resilience and stunning visual appeal but also holds a unique place in the agroforestry world as the original nut tree. It produces nuts that have been part of human diet and culture for thousands of years.The nuts are not just appreciated for their flavor but also for their nutritional value. They are rich in starch, protein, and healthy fats, making them a wholesome addition to the diet.

It requires deep, well-draining soil and at least half a day of sunlight, though it is intolerant of excessively wet, alkaline, and compacted soils. With an columnar shape that doesn’t quickly shade out undergrowth, it’s easy to grow, never needs pruning or spraying, and can grow 30 cm or more annually without the need for fertilization.

Being a gendered species, female trees require a male counterpart for fruit production. Care should be taken when transplanting due to the tree's rubbery, easily damaged roots. The Ginkgo stands as a resilient and unique choice for various landscapes.

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The Tree

Height at maturity:Up to 60 feet

Hardiness Zone:


Water Requirements:


Years to bear:



Prefers full sun


Male and Female trees. Female trees produce fruit and require a male to make fruit


Tolerates a range of soil types.

The Benefits

-Beautiful and unique
-Disease and bug resistant

Additional info

-Nuts are encased in a stinky flesh that can be processed and washed off.
-Incredibly pollution tolerant
-Cold hardy and productive in many Canadian climates